Get Off of the Sidelines and Onto the Dance Floor

Learn to East Coast Swing

Would you like to be able to dance at weddings, parties, and social events? If you've ever wanted to learn to dance, this class is for you! 

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Learn to East Coast Swing Online Course

You’re invited to join the online edition of our flagship program Learn to East Coast Swing Online Course.

Learn the beginner basics of East Coast Swing and experience the energy and excitement of this dynamic dance from the comfort of your own home!

This Class Is For You If....

  • You’re an absolute beginner with no dance experience
  • You have no rhythm or two left feet
  • You feel awkward or uncoordinated
  • You're nervous/scared/terrified at the thought of dancing in public
  • You enjoy dancing but have never been formally trained
  • You’re a dancer, but your partner isn’t and you want to take this class so you can learn and enjoy dancing together
  • You want to learn some basic dance skills so you can dance at your next wedding, party, or event
  • You've taken our Intro class at the studio, but it's been a while and you want a refresher lesson
  • You're currently enrolled in our Intro class at the studio and you want access to our video course so you can practice at home
  • You’re willing to try, but you honestly doubt that you really can learn to dance

This Class Isn't For You If...

  • You’re an experienced dancer looking for fancy steps
  • You want a deep dive on advanced ballroom technique
  • You think you know everything you need to about dancing, and your partner is the problem

Join Learn to East Coast Swing Online Course and...

get off the sidelines and onto the dance floor.

This course will give you the confidence you’ve always wanted so you can enjoy dancing at any social event. After just a week, you’ll have learned the beginner basics of East Coast Swing and will be able to dance comfortably with a partner. You’ll know enough steps to be able to dance to an entire song. And you’ll not only learn to dance, you’ll start experiencing more joy, confidence, and connection in your life.

I’m confident this program will work for you because we’ve refined this course for over a decade at my Revolution Ballroom studio. As professionally-certified ballroom dance instructor with 25 years of ballroom dance experience, I’ve trained thousands of students and taken them from awkward beginner to accomplished dancer. Getting from having no rhythm to gliding across the dance floor is absolutely possible for you. Learn to East Coast Swing Online Course is your path forward.

Raving Reviews from Happy Dancers

We believe your videos are GREAT, and so are the associated email notes, lists, etc.  We feel very fortunate to have these resources.

- Richard & Susie Bid Brown

"The way Marcia breaks things down and gives people confidence is a gift, not all dance teachers can do that!"

- Christa Guicheri

"Her bubbly personality rubbed off. We laughed at our mistakes instead of crying over them. She encouraged us to accept the challenges and persevere until we found the elegance hidden in the discomfort of hard work. She fosters an atmosphere of friendship among total strangers."

- Jaysen & Colleen O’Dell

"Some people seem to think that good dancers are born. All good dancers I've known have been taught or trained."

-Fred Astaire

Learn to East Coast Swing Online Course

  • Learn to East Coast Swing in just a week with instant access to our online video course.
  • Learn the beginner basics of East Coast Swing
  • Learn 3 beginner-friendly steps and how to put them together
  • Q&A library
  • You’ll get a step list, practice playlist, and a roadmap to support your journey.
  • Review your classes and progress at your own pace; you’ll have access for the lifetime of this course.



  • Practice Playlist - Playlist of East Coast Swing music for you to practice with the perfect beat and tempo for East Coast Swing.
  • Beat Finder - video tutorial to teach you how to hear the rhythm in the music for East Coast Swing so you know when you start dancing and can stay in time with the music.
  • Perfect Posture & Frame Fixer - Look and feel like a dancer with our video class to improve your posture and dance frame.

"Had an amazing first class for intro to dance. Can't wait for next week's class! Marcia makes it fun and easy to learn how to do basic dance!"

- Brittany O'Mara Murra

“Despite being pretty klutzy and dance impaired, both my husband and I learned a lot and had a great time.”

- Penny Hadgeoff


Our Learn to East Coast Swing Online Course will open doors for you that you never thought possible. Our students have told us that dance has transformed their lives, helped with their anxiety, saved their marriage, improved their health and well-being, sparked renewed romance in their relationship, brought more joy into their life, given them new confidence, improved their social life, and that coming to dance class is the highlight of their week.

Normally my students pay more than $750 to learn this information in private lessons with me. But because of this special online setting I’m able to keep the price down to $97, so it’s not going to cost you $750 to learn from me.

With our proven process we’re giving you everything you need to succeed on the dance floor. In over ten years with thousands of students, we’ve never had someone go through our training and not be able to learn to dance. But if you think you might be the exception, that’s ok. Give our class a try and if it’s not right for you for any reason you can request a full refund within 7 days, no problem.

And if you’re worried that learning online won’t be as effective as in person classes, rest assured our modern training methods will ensure you’re getting the information you need to succeed on the dance floor.

Experience the world that’s waiting for you – where you look forward to the opportunity to show off your skills on the dance floor. You feel confident, smooth, and you enjoy holding your partner in your arms and dancing to your favorite song.


Try this course for 7 days, and if for any reason our course is not right for you, simply email us at to request your no hassle refund.